Saturday, November 2, 2013

Holly Madison Diet Bar Coming Soon?

It appears that the new Holly Madison diet is going to involve some "follow up" products in the form of a diet snack bar, green smoothie powder, and other healthy diet foods. In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Sun newspaper Holly said this:

"We've developed a snack bar that I’m really proud of. I get really frustrated because you know it’s really nice to have these snacks on the go... We're also developing green smoothie powder because I love making green smoothies. They were one of the big factors in me getting healthy and getting back in shape..." 

Read the full inteview here: Holly Madison talks about marriage, motherhood, and her new diet

Sounds yummy to us! What do you think? Leave your comments and reviews below...

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Holly Madison, the beautiful former Playboy bunny, has created a new diet plan along with the experts from eDiets. It's based on the dieting methods she used to lose weight after her pregnancy, and includes a balance of natural whole foods with a focus on fruits and vegetables. She says the healthy weight loss plan is especially geared toward new moms, pregnant women, and even women who want to get pregnant!

Check out Holly describing her new diet below...

More to come soon...